We structure bespoke, innovative financing solutions which are designed to maximise the asset value's potential.

Take a hands-free approach to investing

Bespoke solutions,
Superior returns

Diverse range of opportunities

Marshbell Group was established in 2016 in the heart of the City of London as a Mezzanine and short-term finance provider. We aim to provide a pool of liquidity that helps projects come to fruition simultaneously enhancing economic value.

Our aim is to accelerate our loan book to a valuation of £100 million by 2025. The demand for lending in the UK is growing at an extremely fast pace, with borrowers looking for alternative avenues in relation to how projects are funded. By giving borrowers the opportunity to have multiple choices of short-term funding, this gives borrowers a wider range of options to structure financing strategy’s more efficiently.

To find out more on gaining access opportunities, please call the investors relations team on 0800 048 7555 or for more information email info@marshbellgroup.com and we can guide you on our investor classification process.