Risk warning

Investors should read all information set out in the information memorandum prior to making any decision because investing in loan notes carries a high degree of risk. In particular, investors should consider their own personal circumstances in ascertaining the viability of this investment, in particular their financial resources and tax position.

The following are some of the risk factors associated with an investment of this nature.


There can be no guarantee that the company will achieve its trading objectives and, if the shortfall is very serious, it may be unable to service or repay the Loan Notes in full i.e. it may become insolvent. The value of the company’s assets may go down as well as up.


Changes in local and government rules, monetary or fiscal policies may adversely affect the viability of the investment. Changes in legislation may adversely affect the return on investment that are available to investors, as might inflation.


The Loan Note certificates will not be listed on any stock exchange or other investment exchange. They are not freely transferable and not redeemable before the conclusion of the investment term.

Force Majeure

Force majeure circumstances such as extreme weather or terrorism may affect the viability of the investment. There are also unavoidable risks associated with the execution of the development of the properties. Build out can be affected by ground conditions, unforeseen health and safety issues and environmental concerns.


The loss, through illness or otherwise, of the company’s key personnel, may affect the ability of the company to maintain a high level of experience, professionalism and managerial oversight which is critically important to its success.


Fluctuation in property value may affect the ability of the company to pay the coupon or capital return. This is because the capital value of the property may take on a different trend to the rental value. There is a risk that, as mentioned above, Marshbell Group may become insolvent.


This website is for information purposes only and should not be treated as advice relating to tax, legal or other matters. Whilst a secondary marketplace exists for commercial and residential property, there is no established secondary marketplace for bonds. You should take legal advice before purchasing a Loan Note.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Investors will not be able to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme established by the Financial Conduct Authority in the event that the Company fails.

Financial Promotions

The content of this website has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested” (Article 48(5) and Article 50A(5))

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